About Us

Second Look Xchange is an online consignment store that is curated for the environmentally and fashion conscious shopper. We provide consignment and de-cluttering services to help you list your unwanted items for sale on our store.

Shopping second-hand is one of the most sustainable ways to consume fashion. We are committed to providing a platform that makes browsing seamless and easy to find items to fit your style.  


We are a second-hand store hosting an exchange of clothes that are already in circulation. This means a finished product has been purchased new from a retailer and continues to flow to the hands of another consumer as opposed to inevitably being discarded in a landfill. 


No one should have to sacrifice and downplay their style to be more sustainable. Fashion is an important part of self-expression. It is possible to stay fashionable and true to yourself with sustainable consumption habits.


Our twist on the word "exchange" and "CHANGE". We are part of the change to reduce the negative environmental impact caused by fashion waste.