Poly Bag Alternative (Pack of 10)

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The item bag 2.0 is an alternative to traditional poly bags. These bags can be used as internal packaging to protect and separate items within mailers.

SMALL - 27.5 x 35cm (approx. 10.85" x 13.75") with a 5cm (2") flap - perfect for t-shirts, formal shirts, dresses, swimwear and activewear.

Not to be used as a traditional mailer; does not 100% protect against the external elements of the postal system and weather damage. 

Sustainability facts 

- Made with 100% non-toxic material, including the ink

- Water-soluble, carbon negative; 

- made from Hydropol, a r similar to polyvinyl alcohol, the material used to coat dishwasher and laundry tablets. The item bag 2.0 isn’t made from polypropylene or polyethylene, the two plastics most poly bags are made from.

- Dispose of used bags in seconds by dissolving them in boiling water. The remaining mineralized biomass is biodegradable 

- Item won First Place (Gold Award) at the inaugural Beyond Plastic awards in 2020

About the supplier

Wastebased sells sustainable packaging products for the e-commerce and fashion sectors. They're all about waste – they’re literally “based on waste” and constantly thinking about how to reduce it, reuse it and most importantly, avoid it in the first place. Fruit is their muse. Fruit packaging is naturally perfect – organic, durable and 100% biodegradable. So, inspired by the best the fruit kingdom has to offer, they’ve come up with packaging designed to rapidly biodegrade – packaging with a lifetime only slightly longer than its desired lifetime. All you have to do is fill it.

Additional features:

  • ultra-minimal design (with text on the back of the bag only) keeps your items at center stage.
  • transparent material allows you to easily read tags and scan barcodes through the bag.
  • excellent anti-static properties and UV resistance provide maximum protection for delicate fabrics.
  • very strong – item bags are approximately 2.5x stronger than regular poly bags of the same thickness.
  • printed with an industry standard suffocation warning (10pt on small bags)
  • item bags are not self-seal. the 50mm flap can be folded over and (re)sealed with a variety of stickers, tapes, branded stickers and adhesive barcode labels.
  • hot water soluble material provides maximum protection from rain and sweat.